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Alma’s SopranoXL Laser with Soprano ICE Applicator
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Meeting Your Laser Hair Removal Goals

Laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity as technology produces more effective results from virtually pain free treatments. We understand that many people can feel self-conscious or even embarrassed about their excessive facial and body hair. The professionals at Tru Glo Medspa offer hair removal consultations and will work with you to coordinate a hair removal plan specifically designed to meet your hair free goals. It’s time to say goodbye to shaving, waxing and bleaching. Sit back and embrace the new age of laser hair removal!

The Gold Standard of Hair Removal

Tru Glo Medspa in Naples, Florida is proud to offer Alma’s SopranoXL laser treatment the “gold-standard” in laser treatments. A far cry from the hair removal methods of the past, the Alma SopranoXL is FDA approved for all skin types. The SopranoXL uses 810-nm diode laser technology, and penetrates deep into the dermis using CW Pulse™ technology. “The unique pulse structure of SopranoXL incorporates two discrete pulses. The first is a preheated long pulse that safely heats the tissue; the second short pulse effectively destroys the hair follicle and its surrounding vasculature”. As an added bonus Tru Glo Medspa also offers the Soprano ICE applicator. The Soprano ICE applicator offers a cooling mechanism focused on delivering an even more comfortable experience.

Gentle, Effective Results

This innovative treatment is noninvasive and non-surgical, making it great for anyone wishing to reduce the amount of hair on his or her body. There is also no downtime associated with this treatment; it is a relatively quick procedure with minimal discomfort.

Expert hair removal at Tru Glo Medspa in Naples, FL leaves our clients with smooth and silky skin along with safe and effective results for reducing unwanted facial and body hair.

Laser Hair Removal in Naples Florida at Tru Glo Medspa

For Women

Ladies, we know there are a million methods that go into removing all of your unwanted hair. Did you know that laser hair removal is faster and easier than ever before? Not only is it incredibly easy, it’s also available to a wider range of women of all skin and hair colors!

Did You Know?
  • Tweezing: Only lasts up to 8 weeks and has a high possibility for causing ingrown hairs.
  • Shaving: Lasts a short 3 days and has the unfortunate side effect of causing frequent ingrown hairs and bumps around the bikini area.
  • Waxing: Can last sometimes up to 6 weeks. However, redness and bumps are a common side effect to waxing and you may also get an infection around the hair follicles.

For Men

Forget about the costly chore of the constant shaving, or if you’re a particularly hirsute gentleman, waxing. These methods will cost you thousands of dollars or more, over your lifetime. And as we all know, none of these methods last forever and forget about the embarrassment involved with asking someone you’re comfortable with to shave your back and shoulders.

Laser hair removal is already popular among men. Some studies show that a full 20% of hair removal clients in the US are male!

The most common areas for men to have this treatment is the back, shoulders, and abs. Some men also choose to have their beards and necklines treated to reduce the appearance of 5 o’clock shadow as well as limiting the irritation in the neckline caused by shaving.

To find out the cost of Laser hair removal, set up a free consultation with us today.

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