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Tru Glō Medspa of Naples, Florida offers the groundbreaking, Silhouette InstaLift® to those looking for a minimally invasive means of lifting and rejuvenating their sagging facial skin.

Among the latest developments in medical spa skin-care procedures, Silhouette InstaLift® re-contours the mid-face region by lifting the deeper epidermal layers with the goal of achieving a more youthful appearance. Because sagging skin represents one of the most significant contributors to an aged and tired appearance, any measures that can lift the skin layers into their previous position helps renew the youthful contours while eliminating the droops and sags in the skin that mark advancing years. Silhouette InstaLift® represents the perfect option for those who do not want to undergo a traditional facelift or have to worry about periodic restorative updates required with injectables.

Naturally melds with your skin and stimulates collagen production

Known as a non-surgical facelift, Silhouette InstaLift® utilizes internal sutures with bi-directional cones that lift and reposition the deep skin layers of the mid-face or cheek area, and then meld with the body’s natural collagen formation to produce natural looking results. Made of materials frequently utilized in medical devices and well tolerated by the body’s systems, the sutures and cones are naturally absorbed into the skin over time and help stimulate healthy skin renewal and collagen growth. This results in a natural looking lifting and renewal of the skin, with initial contouring and increased volume results noticeable almost immediately.

As a minimally invasive procedure, Silhouette InstaLift® does not require general anesthesia and generally takes less than an hour to perform. Our skilled Tru Glō Medspa aestheticians have received comprehensive training on this breakthrough anti-aging treatment and stand ready to discuss an InstaLift® treatment plan that will help you achieve the natural-looking results you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Silhouette InstaLift® work to improve my facial appearance?

Silhouette InstaLift® redefines the contours of your mid-face region (cheek area) by lifting the deeper layers of the underlying skin for a more youthful look. Over time the materials used with Silhouette InstaLift® also help add volume by stimulating collagen production in the area.

Who are good candidates for the Silhouette InstaLift® procedure?

Women or men who are interested in rejuvenating their facial area without major surgery, injections or lasers. Suitable candidates must have good skin quality that is neither too thick nor too thin, but are seeing noticeable sagging of the skin.

When will I see results?

Initial lifting and firming is typically noticed immediately, and, over time, increased volume is generally noticed as the sutures and cones help stimulate collagen production.

What are the sutures and cones made of and how do they work?

Silhouette InstaLift® sutures and suture cones are made from glycolide/L-lactide (PLGA), a polymer often used in medical devices and with a proven record of being well tolerated by the body’s systems. The sutures and cones, which are eventually absorbed into the body, work by lifting the internal skin and adding volume. The bi-directional cones also help hold the sutures and subdermal skin in their new elevated position.

Is Silhouette InstaLift® safe?

Silhouette InstaLift® was deemed safe by the U.S. FDA, which cleared the procedure for use as of April 2015.

Are there any side effects with the procedure?

Some patients might experience a minimal inflammatory tissue reaction after the procedure. Possible symptoms include minor pain, swelling and bruising. Implantation of foreign materials in skin tissue can result in histological reactions, and any side effects beyond the above listed ones should be reported to your Tru Glō Medspa aesthetician.

Am I a good candidate for Silhouette InstaLift®?

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