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Top Five Therapeutic Health Benefits from Massage Therapy at Naples, Florida Medical Spa

One of the most popular rejuvenating services offered at our Naples medical spa is massage therapy. Not only does a Tru Glō Medspa massage therapy session leave patients feeling pampered, relaxed, and refreshed, but it may also provide a number of therapeutic health benefits. Our massage therapists are trained in a wide range of massage therapy disciplines, and can tailor your massage with techniques designed specifically to address physical and mental conditions that may be affecting you. Read on to learn about the top five therapeutic health benefits that can be gained from massage therapy.      

Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Stress

It is hard to look your best when you are feeling stressed due to work, family obligations, the daily grind, or any number of stress-inducing factors. But therapeutic massage is a known stress reducer. While the general relaxation that comes with a massage goes a long way in reducing stress levels, the phrase “healing hands” holds true with massage. That’s because massage therapy alleviates muscle tension, which in and of itself adds to the feelings of stress. Additionally, massage therapy can help reduce stress hormone levels while boosting the production of your body’s feel-good dopamine and serotonin chemicals. Adding aromatherapy to your massage session may boost the effects of those healing hands as the aroma is designed to enhance the relaxation and help add focus to the healing.  

Ease Those Aches in Your Muscles and Joints

In conjunction with relieving stress, anxiety, and depression, massage therapy can ease aching muscles and joints. Stress can naturally exacerbate the sensation of pain, so any stress relief should ease the mental sensation of pain. But massage also relaxes the muscle tissues, which helps reduce the number and severity of muscles spasms, which add to the pain. In turn, this also reduces nerve compression caused by muscle contraction, another factor responsible for the intensity of pain. Last, improved blood and lymphatic circulation resulting from massage should deliver more oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, further aiding in the pain-alleviating response.

Boost Your Immune System with Massage

A relaxed immune system is likely to be a healthier immune system, but therapeutic massage also provides an immunity boost by the previously mentioned improvement in blood and lymphatic circulation. Your massage may boost your disease-fighting red blood cells through improved circulation, and the improved lymphatic system circulation should help your body remove toxins which might otherwise be limiting your immune system response.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is integral to good health, and that sleep deprivation definitely makes it difficult for anyone to look and feel their best. The relaxation and stress-relieving properties gained by massage tend to translate into restful, good night’s sleep. Massage also boosts the previously mentioned serotonin levels, which can further help boost levels of melatonin, a hormone believed responsible for aiding in good sleep.

Enhance Recovery from Injury

Through pretty much all of the body’s massage reactions pointed out in relation to the previous health benefits, massage is believed to help enhance healing and injury recovery. Improved sleep, reduced stress, enhanced blood and lymphatic flow, improved immune response, and related benefits all serve to aid in healing and recovery from injury. But massage therapy adds further benefits in the healing and recovery process by promoting muscle and joint flexibility, which injuries tends to compromise.    

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