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Treat Yourself to Invigorating, Stress-Relieving Massage Therapy

Recharge your mind and pamper your body with the relaxing, tension-easing, stress-reducing benefits provided by spa massage therapy at Naples, Florida’s preeminent medical spa. Tru Glō Medspa offers clients a one-of-a-kind massage therapy experience, which can include add-ons such as aromatherapy, hot stone, and body brushing for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort during your spa massage.

Your spa massage at Tru Glō Medspa is all about you, so our master massage therapists devote their energies and advanced massage skills towards delivering you optimal returns. Whether for reinvigoration of the body, alleviation of stress, release of tension, easing of aches and pains, overall relaxation and comfort, or all of them together, our spa massage sessions are focused on you and your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Spa massage therapy at Tru Glō Medspa ensures your needs are met by including a wide variety of massage therapy technique options.

Our Licensed Massage Therapist, Garth Carter

Garth Joins our team with over a decade of massage experience

Garth Carter is a licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in everything from integrated deep muscle therapy to gentle yet effective Swedish therapy. He has been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years now, and has worked alongside chiropractors, sports teams and other healthcare professionals. 

“I take pride in my work ethic; enjoy what I do with care and I’m willing to go the extra mile to be of service.  Being part of the Spa team is something I take very seriously and am committed to.”

Garth brings with him the experience of working with Olympic Swimmers, NCAA Champions, and professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and many pro golfers as well. Our medspa team is thrilled to have him aboard!

Massage Therapy at Tru Glō Medspa

Your massage therapy at our Naples-based medical spa begins with a consultation to discuss the benefits you seek from a spa massage, along with a quick review of your overall health and any physical and mental conditions that may benefit from massage therapy. Combined with a brief physical assessment, this will be used to customize massage therapy sessions that will best meet your needs and desired outcome. During therapy sessions, your body will always be professionally draped to ensure your privacy, security and comfort. To further enhance your comfort, Tru Glō utilizes the Body Support System, an orthopedic body positioning device that supports the body in various configurations without creating any pressure. The device adjusts to all body sizes, helps relax muscles, and maximizes access and range of motion.
Our massage therapists use aromatherapy as a part of all sessions. If your spa massage is largely therapeutic in nature, you may also be provided with recommendations on remedial exercises and/or stretching.

Other Benefits of Spa Massage Therapy Sessions

Whatever your desired outcome from spa massage, the therapy eases physical and mental stress, which in turn helps reduce muscular tension and provides relief from any physical aches and pains you may be experiencing. Along with providing these therapeutic benefits, massage imparts numerous other benefits that stimulate overall health, including:

  • Enhanced circulation through the loosening of muscles and tendons.
  • Elimination of toxins through the blood and lymphatic systems.
  • Improved flexibility through the relaxation and loosening of muscles and tendons.
  • Alleviation of depression and anxiety through the release of endorphins.
  • Enhanced immunity through stimulation of lymph nodes.
  • Improved sleep patterns.
  • Improved digestive function.
  • Reduction in fatigue.

Our massage therapists use aromatherapy as a part of all sessions. If your spa massage is largely therapeutic in nature, you may also be provided with recommendations on remedial exercises and/or stretching.

Tru Glo Medspa is a Licensed Massage Establishment with the Florida Department of Health – License Number MM40575

Call Tru Glō Medspa at 239.919.7009 or fill out our Contact Form to set up an appointment with one of our massage therapists today!

Massage Menu

Relaxation Massage

This massage, tailored to individual needs, targets the areas of concern and works deeper muscle layers, addressing trigger points with light, medium or deep pressure to release stress, ease muscle tension, boost circulation and improve mobility, as well as muscle and skin tone.

  • 50 Minutes: $125
  • 75 Minutes: $155

Healing Massage

This treatment is recommended for those who enjoy intense bodywork. Specialized, focused techniques reach deep muscle layers and address points of attachment as well as the belly of the muscles. Your therapist uses advanced bodywork techniques, softening fascia and releasing adhesions throughout your body.

  • 50 Minutes: $125
  • 75 Minutes: $155

Balancing Massage with Volcanic Stones

Head-to-toe tension release and renewal. This treatment begins with a scalp massage, followed by a full body massage using warm volcanic stones to release tension and work on vital energy points around the body, finishing with a relaxing foot massage.

  • 50 Minutes: $125
  • 75 Minutes: $155

Neck, Back & Shoulders

Give your stiff neck and tight shoulders a break. This focused massage releases tension and restores comfort to this typically tense area.

  • 25 Minutes: $65
  • 50 Minutes: $125
  • 75 Minutes: $155


A treat for your feet with whole-body benefits. A specially trained therapist works on reflex points in the feet that correlate to the individual organs and parts of the body. Activating these reflexes helps improve circulation and promotes relaxation.

  • 25 Minutes: $65
  • 50 Minutes: $125

Firm & Tone Body Treatment

A targeted solution for cellulite, fluid retention and skin tonicity. A Specialized body treatment beginning with a full-body skin brushing to stimulate circulation and lymphatic system, followed by a detoxifying body wrap and advance body massage to tone and firm the skin.

  • 75 Minutes: $185


Enhance your massage with the following options:

Skin Brushing: $20           Aromatherapy Blend: $20           Hair & Scalp Treatment: $20           CBD Oil: $20

From The Tru Glō Medspa Blog

Top Five Therapeutic Health Benefits from Massage Therapy at Naples, Florida Medical Spa

While the general relaxation that comes with a massage goes a long way in reducing stress levels, the phrase “healing hands” holds true with massage. Massage therapy can help reduce stress hormone levels while boosting the production of your body’s feel-good dopamine and serotonin chemicals.

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Tru Glo Medspa is a Licensed Massage Establishment with the Florida Department of Health - License Number MM40575

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