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Remove and Reduce Unwanted Hair at Your Favorite Naples Medical Spa!

Laser technology has come a long way since first envisioned in science fiction. Today, laser technology is used in a broad spectrum of applications, including cosmetic rejuvenating treatments in the form of laser-generated skin tightening, skin repair, fat removal, and hair removal. In fact, the number of laser-based cosmetic procedures performed has increased by about 75 percent since 2012, with laser hair removal billed as the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure overall, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.     

And the laser technology continues to improve, as evidenced by Naples, Florida-based Tru Glō Medspa, which uses the most advanced laser hair removal treatment to ensure clients the most effective and long-lasting results with minimal discomfort and no downtime. FDA-approved for all skin types, the Alma SopranoXL utilizes deep-penetrating duel-pulse energy to destroy hair follicles and supporting vasculature without damaging surrounding tissue. Tru Glō Medspa pairs the procedure with the application of Soprano ICE technology, which cools and helps protect the skin during the procedure.    

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

People typically love the hair on their heads, but many don’t like some of the hair on other parts of their body. Many women want their underarms, legs, bikini lines, and other parts of their body to be hair free, while some hirsute men want to control excessive hair growth on their backs, necks and other areas. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking (also known as “tweezing”), and waxing are time consuming, do not provide long-term results, and can cause side effects. Shaving represents the shortest-term fix, as hair starts reappearing within three days. Waxing and plucking can last from six to eight weeks, but the process is painful. All three methods can cause ingrown hair, as well as redness and bumps, especially near sensitive areas.

Laser hair removal offers a less time-consuming option that provides longer-lasting results with minimal discomfort. Additionally, repeated laser hair removal procedures can achieve permanent results after between three to seven sessions depending upon hair type and location. 

Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure

To prepare for your laser hair removal procedure do not pluck or wax areas to be treated for six weeks prior to your appointment so that the roots are present for the laser treatment. Also limit sun exposure for the six weeks prior as tanning inhibits laser penetration while making the skin around the targeted hair more vulnerable to the laser energy.

Just before the procedure the targeted hair will be trimmed and a numbing lotion will be applied to the skin to ease potential stinging from the laser pulses. After conducting a test run on a small targeted area to check settings and assess the skin’s reaction, your technician will run the laser device over the targeted area, treating a section the size of a quarter every second. Small areas, such as the upper lip, can be treated in less than a minute, while larger targeted areas, such as the legs, may take up to an hour.

After the treatment you may be advised to use an anti-inflammatory cream and/or ice packs to ease any discomfort, and should avoid sun exposure or use sunscreen on the treated area for up to six weeks. Most clients feel minimal discomfort at the end of their session and can immediately resume all usual daily activities.  

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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Alma SopranoXL laser hair removal, contact Tru Glō Medspa today through our website’s contact page, or by calling 239-919-7009. Our Naples, Florida-based medical spa can help you permanently reduce problem hair areas with a few short sessions.

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